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Server hosting

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Our closest server to your location is N. Virginia with a Ping of 7 ms. We have 5 server sizes in this location.

Monthly Plan
Yearly Plan
Package Player Slots Cores/Memory Server Locations Price Order
Package nameSmall (Minecraft Only) Player Slots25 Players Memory2 Cores / 4GB RAM / 50 GB HD Server Locations
Package nameMedium (All Games) Player Slots50 Players Memory2 Cores / 8GB RAM / 50 GB HD Server Locations
Package nameLarge (All Games) Player Slots150 Players Memory4 Cores / 16GB RAM / 50 GB HD Server Locations
Package nameXLarge (All Games) Player Slots500 Players Memory8 Cores / 16GB RAM / 50 GB HD Server Locations
Package nameXXLarge (All Games) Player Slots1000 Players Memory16 Cores / 32GB RAM / 50 GB HD Server Locations

Server Features

Servers come with Root Access so you can install any game server. We also can setup your server with most requested game servers such as ARK, Rust, CSGO, Minecraft, Team Fortress, Valheim.

All Servers Include:

  • Dedicated Virtual Server
  • Includes Setup of Game Server
  • VenomX DDOS Firewall
  • Unlimited Bandwidth!
  • 25 GBPs Connection!
  • Unlimited Traffic
  • Dedicated IP Address
  • SSH Access
  • Root Access
  • SFTP Access
  • 60 Minutes Setup
Payment Methods

We accept

Payment Methods Part 1 Payment Methods Part 2
Servers are ready within 30-60 Minutes of Ordering

Premium Game Server

AWS Tier-1 Hosting & VenomX DDOS Protection

Experience the ultimate gaming with AWS Tier-1 hosting in 32 global locations and advanced VenomX Anti-DDOS firewall, ensuring ultra-low ping and top-notch security.

25 GBPs Connection

Our servers boast a high-speed 25 GBPs connection, offering unparalleled performance and a seamless gaming experience. A must to successfully mitigate DDOS attacks.

100 GB Storage & Unlimited Traffic

With 100 GB of storage and unlimited traffic, our servers are ideal for high population games, providing ample space and bandwidth for all your gaming needs.

Dedicated IP & Full Root Access

Each server comes with a dedicated IP and full root access, offering you complete control and customization for an optimal gaming experience.